What will happen to the frontage roads?

In areas where the frontage (service) roads are needed for access to adjacent properties, they will be retained but disconnected from U.S. 1. In areas where existing frontage roads are no longer needed, the design team is investigating replacing the existing pavement with a shared-use (pedestrian and bicyclist) path.  This is being done in coordination with the local municipalities.  In areas where frontage roads are no longer needed, the adjacent connecting local roads will be terminated with hammerhead turnarounds.  Hammerhead turnarounds are being proposed instead of cul-de-sacs to minimize impacts to adjacent property owners.

Will there be noise walls constructed with this project?

A detailed noise study is being completed for the project. If warranted, reasonable and feasible in accordance with PennDOT Publication 24, noise walls will be proposed as part of this project.  In areas where noise walls are proposed, the local impacted property owners will have a vote on whether to accept the noise wall.  A simple majority will determine whether the potential proposed noise wall will be incorporated into the project.

Does this project provide pedestrian and bicycle accommodations?

Yes, the project provides the following proposed pedestrian and bicycle accommodations:

  • A 12-foot-wide path is proposed along the east side of PA 413 (Pine Street) within the project limits to connect the existing sidewalks north and south of the project.
  • 5-foot-wide paved shoulders will be provided on the West Interchange Road overpass.
  • In areas where the existing frontage (service) roads are no longer needed, the design team is investigating replacing the existing pavement with a shared-use (pedestrian and bicyclist) path. This is being done in coordination with the local municipalities.  As of now, Middletown Township has voiced its support for including a shared-use path while Langhorne Manor Borough has requested to not have the path within its respective boundaries.

Can the proposed new traffic signals on PA 413 (Pine Street) be roundabouts?

The PennDOT design team investigated proposed roundabouts at the PA 413 / proposed U.S. 1 ramp intersections and found that due to traffic flow patterns, specifically at the PA 413 / U.S. 1 SB ramp intersection, proposed roundabouts result in traffic queuing (backing up) onto U.S. 1 during peak travel times within 10 years (2035). As such, roundabouts at these intersections are no longer being considered.

Are any traffic signals being added to PA 413 (Pine Street)?

Traffic signals will be added at the two new intersections on PA 413 (Pine Street) with the proposed US 1 NB and SB ramps as well as Woods Drive and Gillam Avenue.  The traffic signals will control and direct traffic through these intersections.  Crosswalks and bicycle/pedestrian facilities will be provided for and accommodated with these intersections.

Will the project increase traffic on PA 413 (Pine Street) north of Gillam Avenue?

The project will not significantly increase traffic on PA 413 north of Gillam Avenue. It is anticipated that some traffic will redistribute between the existing PA 213 (Maple Avenue) interchange and the proposed PA 413 (Pine Street) interchange.  However, since there are already connections between U.S. 1 and PA 413 via Bellevue Avenue and Gillam Avenue in the area of the proposed interchange, traffic is not expected to increase significantly based on Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Regional Travel Model and PennDOT traffic analysis.

What are the anticipated opportunities for public involvement/comment for this project?

We anticipate additional virtual plans display (via this project website) and web/tele presentations in 2023 as part of the Environmental Assessment process. Additionally, we anticipate displaying plans in municipal buildings.  Invitations and announcements will be made once the plans display has been scheduled.  Comments can be submitted any time via the comment section of this website or in writing to:

Sibty Hasan, P.E., P.M.P.
PennDOT District 6-0
7000 Geerdes Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19406

What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to facilitate safe and efficient travel within and through the project study area to meet current and future transportation needs while providing a functional and modern roadway that meets driver expectations.